WordPress Developer Since 2008

From Santiago de Chile to Moscow, I’ve worked like WordPress Developer on all continents, excepting Antarctica and Arctica ( in the future, why not?! ). I provide quality services to my clients: WordPress Development, WordPress Security, WordPress Performance, WordPress SEO. My nine years’ experience give me the strength to finish my projects in the most professional way. If you need my services or have questions, feel free to contact me. By now I can tell you that by contacting me, you make one of the best decisions of your professional life.

WebsitesSeller started the business back in 2013 as a vehicle for WordPress Development excellence. Based in beautiful Bucharest, it quickly grew to encompass all WordPress Development Services: WordPress Creation, WordPress Performance, WordPress Security, WordPress SEO, Social Media and Internet Marketing.

I’ve been passionate in all ways of communication my whole life – it’s just something built-in. I was a good reader at age 7, started making short movies at 14 and step up in Television at 16. At 19 I went to Theatre&Film University and now I’m about to finish my Master of Fine Arts in Acting&Theatre.

My interests are wide and varied. I hate to be put in a box and while I’m not a specialist by nature, I am a meticulous professional. I don’t believe in doing anything unless it’s done well. Since my degree, I have also achieved technology, business, and teaching qualifications, and as well as working on personal and commercial projects.

I was found my IT’s passion in 2003. From that moment all things about computers and internet stuff become my second hobby, after acting. In 2006 I’ve made my first website, a very poor coded HTML website. In 2007, after a period of experiments, I’ve found WordPress community and start my own blog ( This time a real one, with images, videos and nice placed paragraphs 🙂 ). After some time, in 2008, August, I’ve sold my Freelancer services for the first time. From then on, I’ve improved my skills month by month, year by year.

h by month, year by year.