[2019] To Build or Not to Build: A WordPress Website Cost Analysis

WordPress Website Cost – How much should a WordPress website cost

Not having a website for your business cost you more than having one built by a web designer. In 2019, every sector of business, there is a competitor that has a website. It may not be flashy or very good, but if they have a website and you do not you loose. A website brings a degree of professionalism to a business in a way that nothing else is able to.

A website enables you to charge higher prices thus increasing profits because of the professionalism presented. Without a website you must incur the added cost of extra sales force. The money made by having a website for your business will always out way the cost of having a website built by a professional web designer.

Cost of WordPress Website

The business lost to competitors is one of the largest expenses of not having a website. Customers like having 24 hour access to a company. It makes them feel more informed and more secure about their business decisions. Your competitors with websites are stealing customer after customer from you, and doing it for a very low cost. In order to stay competitive your company must reach more customers for less money than your competition. A website is a must have to stop losing money to people who are in the same industry.

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What is the difference between a large law firm and a one person ambulance chaser? Professionalism. The large law firm usually has large libraries, a large staff and large everything. The aura of professionalism makes people willing to pay more to the large firm.

A WordPress website gives the ambulance chaser the ability to present the image of a large, professional firm. A professional website can make the difference between people choosing your business or going with your competitors.

Thus, even the ambulance chaser, can obtain just as many customers because of a professional WordPress website. The lost revenues that an unprofessional looking company has because of their image are a good example of why it cost more not to have a website than is does to build one.

Every business has to make sales to stay in business. There is nothing new about that. The new twist on business is the fact that a website is virtually a 24 hour sales force. It does not sleep, eat, drink, take a nap, or a vacation. It is a machine that can inform current customers and attract new customers.

A WordPress website can dramatically cut down on customer service cost. The added cost of staffing to make up for what a website could have easily done makes up for the cost of having a site built. How much money could your business save on staffing?

A professionally designed, built, and maintained website is well worth the money spent on the investment. Some of the expenses that a business normally runs into can be reduced by a website. Everyday that a business owner waits to contact a web designer is a day spent wasting money and losing ground to competitors that are unafraid to make the investment. Get your business on the web today.

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