[SOLVED] How To Cancel LinkedIn Premium Account In 5 Simple Steps

How To Cancel LinkedIn Premium Account In 5 Steps

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Cost of LinkedIn Premium Subscription

Before we start, let’s talk about the cost of the premium subscription and the ways the plans are tiered. Offered in four membership tiers, the price of the each premium subscriptions vary between $29.99/month and $119.95/month. Investing in one of these plans will give you access to premium features, which will help your business grow.

LinkedIn Membership Levels Cost
  • Premium Career: $29.99/month.
  • Premium Business: $59.99/month.
  • Sales Navigator: $79.99/month.
  • Recruiter Lite: $119.95/month.

Difference Between LinkedIn Premium Plans

  • Career plan – This is the basic LinkedIn Premium plan, and the cost starts from $29.99/month. With LinkedIn Career plan, you get additional features over the free account, such InMail Messages (the possibility to send messages to other premium members, even if those are not direct contacts of yours), advanced profile views (on the free account, if a premium member will visit your profile, you’ll see just that a premium member visited your profile – with the advanced profile views feature, you’ll know who is that member). Another benefit is that you may be featured as an applicant when you apply for a job.
  • Business plan – More advanced than the “LinkedIn Career” plan, with Business plan you get extra benefits (including the existing ones from the Career plan): Find and connect with the right people, the opportunity to promote and grow your business (business insights, like functional trends) and the possibility to learn new skills in order to create the best business promotion campaign. The LinkedIn Business plan cost $59.99/month or $575.88/year (for the annual billing cycle, you save 20% if you pay in advance).
  • Sales Navigator plan – From inside the “Premium” perspective, the LinkedIn Sales plan is the big next step. The cost of this plan starts from $79.99/month or $779.88/year (you save around 18% if you pay the annual membership subscription in advance). Sales Navigator plan is a tremendous tool created for LinkedIn Lead Generation (with this tool you can find and generate leads on LinkedIn). You also get extra benefits, such On-platform prospecting (the ability to save notes regarding a particular profile) or Sales Spotlights (get notify when people are mentioned in the news, follow your company page or change their jobs). To get a Free Trial of LinkedIn Sales Navigator plan, you must not being subscribed to any other LinkedIn paid subscription plan, or taken any LinkedIn free trials in the last 365 days.
  • Hiring plan – Also called LinkedIn Recruiter Lite plan, this is the last tier of the regular LinkedIn premium subscriptions. Of course, you can upgrade from LinkedIn Recruiter Lite to LinkedIn Recruiter (The Corporate version – a more powerful tool, but a costly one, in my opinion). With the Recruiter Lite, you have advanced search features, filters and you can also contact LinkedIn members who may be a good candidates for your position [(view unlimited profiles in your extended network (up to 3rd-degree connections)]. You also get 30 InMail Messages/month, to contact top talent anywhere on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite cost around $119.95/month or $1,199.40 (you can save around 17%, if you pay the annual billing cycle in advance). LinkedIn Recruiter (the corporate version) cost around $825/month, but you’ll get unrivalled benefits.

LinkedIn Premium Career and Premium Business plans are the most common and accessible when we are talking about the regular LinkedIn Premium Subscriptions. Each of the Premium Career or Premium Business plans will give you extra benefits, so you can boost the growth of your business. Like on any other online service, the LinkedIn premium subscription experience may be an open door to success. As a premium user, you will get a ton of opportunities. So, yes: I highly recommend to invest in one of these plans.

LinkedIn Premium Account Benefits

The LinkedIn premium business platform is one of the most productive business social networks nowadays, a place where you can find some of the most valuable business professionals in the World. Through LinkedIn premium membership, you can find a lot of business or career opportunities, new leads and a lot of other cool stuff. Buying or upgrading your LinkedIn account from Basic to Premium may represent a good step in your business life, because – generally speaking, premium plans offer premium features.

However, sometimes after you upgrade (you’ve got a free month premium offer, you had a good plan in your mind or you was just curious about what LinkedIn Premium account represents) you may want to roll back to your Basic LinkedIn plan. Some of the reasons may include:

  1. High Annual Subscription Price;
  2. Not enough premium benefits;
  3. You are subscribed to a ton of premium membership sites and you want to slow down for a while.

Like any other Premium Business sites, LinkedIn wants to keep you there, as a Premium member. The problem arrive when you want to modify the LinkedIn Premium Subscription, from Premium to Basic. They made the unsubscribe procedure a bit difficult, but in this article I will teach you how to solve it.

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Here are the step by step guide you should follow to deactivate LinkedIn Premium Subscription Plan, in a couple of clicks:

  • Login into your LinkedIn account.
  • In the right corner, click on the “ME” icon (the Profile picture).
  • From the drop-down menu select “Settings & Privacy”.
  • In the “Account” Tab (left), scroll to the bottom (“Account management”) and press click on “Closing your LinkedIn Account”.

At this moment, a pop-up window will notify you that you can’t close your LinkedIn account and, if you really want to deactivate it, you must downgrade to the LinkedIn Basic Subscription first. (And this is what we want, actually )

It looks like something needs to be resolved before we can close your account. Once you’ve resolved the issue, please retry closing your account from your settings page.

  • You have a Premium membership.You’ll need to convert it to a Basic membership, then return to settings to close your account.
We can't close your account yet LinkedIn
We can’t close your account yet LinkedIn

5. On the new page opened, click on “Continue to Cancel”

6. Insert/Tell LinkedIn why do you plan to downgrade from their Premium account (check a reason from there or create a new one).

Can I Cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription From the Mobile App?

No, you cannot cancel the LinkedIn Premium Subscription from the official app. The only way to cancel this subscription is through the Web (you have to use a computer, not a mobile application). A tricky way (if I can say in that way) to cancel the subscription from your mobile is through iTunes. This trick works only if you bought the subscription through iTunes. So, if you did in this way, go to the Subscription Management page, and cancel it from there.

Can I Cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription After Free Trial?

That’s a good question! If the Trial expired and you still want to continue with the LinkedIn Services, after you paid the monthly or yearly fee, you can continue.

“No, what I am asking is – IF – I forgot about the trial (to cancel it or not), and they also didn’t sent me any message about this, and the subscription renewed and I got charged for that with the regular price, how can I cancel my LinkedIn Premium Subscription?” – Well, as I know, LinkedIn promote their Subscription Service as “Non-Refundable”, so I don’t think you can’t get a refund. But, again – as I know -, they have an awesome support team. So, if you forget to cancel the subscription (from different reasons) and you didn’t received any message from the LinkedIn regarding this, I think it’s worth to try with the Support Team.

If there is any premium cancellation issue, you can contact LinkedIn support team and you will get help in seconds.

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