[2020] How To Cancel Linkedin Premium Account In 5 Steps

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How To Cancel Linkedin Premium Account In 5 Steps

How To Cancel Linkedin Premium Account In 5 Steps

Linkedin is one of the most productive business social networks from today. There you can find a lot of business or career opportunities, new leads and a lot of other cool stuff. Buying or upgrading your Linkedin profile from Basic to Premium may represent a good step in your business life. However, sometimes after you’ve just upgraded ( you’ve got a free month premium offer, you had a good plan in your mind or you was just curious about what Linkedin Premium account represents ) you may want to get back to your Basic profile.

And here that long-long story begin. Like many other big websites, Linkedin wants to keep you there, as a Premium member. The bad part is that they made the procedure a bit hardly, even for the experienced WWW surfers.

Cancel Linkedin Premium Account

Here are the steps you should follow to cancel your Linkedin Subscription:

  1. Login into your Linkedin account.
  2. In the right corner, click on the “ME” icon ( that icon represent you ).
  3. From the drop-down menu select “Settings & Privacy”
  4. In the “Account” Tab ( left ), scroll to the bottom ( “Account management” ) and press click on “Closing your Linkedin account”.

In this moment, a pop-up will tell you that you can’t close your Premium account and, if you really want to close your Linkedin account, you must downgrade to the basic account first. ( This is what we want. )

It looks like somthing needs to be resolved before we can close your account. Once you’ve resolved the issue, please retry closing your account from your settings page.

  • You have a Premium membership.You’ll need to convert it to a Basic membership, then return to settings to close your account.
We can't close your account yet LinkedIn

We can’t close your account yet LinkedIn

5. On the new page opened, click on “Continue to Cancel”

6. Insert/Tell Linkedin why do you plan to downgrade from their Premium account ( check a reason from there or create a new one ).

And…that’s it! You’ve just cancelled your Linkedin Premium account. Personally, I like the Premium so much, because it give me a lot of advantages. But, on the other hand, here on WebsitesSeller.com, I like to provide good digital content to my visitors.

Have a good day!

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