[SOLVED] How can I stop spam e-mails in 2021?

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[SOLVED] How can I stop spam e-mails in 2021?

How can I stop spam e-mails in 2021? WebsitesSeller.com will show you:

Few days ago I was looking for extra ways to promote my web design services. Of course, business networks such LinkedIn or Xing are still my best friends. So I searched how I used to promoted my services online few years ago, and I reminded about Craiglist.org. Yes, that outdated-design website which is still relevant in 2021 (Less is more, right?!). After some issues with my IP address (it seems my internet provider’s network was blacklisted there, but I solved quickly with a VPN), I was finally able to reach out Craiglist.

Since I haven’t used it since 2013 or so, I had to create a new account. But how to create a new account on such website without being spammed later with all kind of crypto offers, or contacted by a nigerian price who wants to donate all of his $$$,$$$,$$$ for just $$?! I know, I know: On Craiglist I don’t have to reveal my actual email address to a potential client, however, when I respond to a client, my business e-mail address will be shown, so it’s not a good idea.

I quickly typed on Google how to get rid of e-mail spams, and I found some good ideas:

To stop spam e-mails, don’t use your business e-mail or the personal one:

This is the main and the best advice for everyone: Don’t use your business e-mail or your personal e-mails, if you want to stop spam e-mails. In most of the cases, the e-mail list where your e-mail was placed will be sold (or even worse, stolen by hackers) and you will get all those pharma spams.

a. Create a second e-mail with @yourbusiness.com. This seems the best solution, if you want to look more professional. The worst part is that your inbox will be spammed and your hosting quota will be diminuate day by day.
b. Create a new Yahoo!, Gmail or whatever e-mail just for this kind of activities (eg: Posting on Craiglist). It is a good solution, but after a while, that inbox will be full of spam. Anyway, better than your business/personal inbox. The worst part is you have to spend some important minutes in creating such e-mails.
c. Use a disposable email service to stop spam e-mails:

Old technique, but more relevant in 2021 than ever. With these service your identity is also protected (in my case, someone is interested in my web design services and don’t seems to be a bot, I can e-mail from my real one after a while).

I searched some ideas on IndieHackers and Reddit, and by far I found a few interesting websites:

**ATTENTION: In order to protect your privacy, don’t send personal information through these services.**

Temp-mail.org – This site is the first result on Google searches (good job!). This site seems to be on web since several years ago. I like it, because it comes with a simple but well-structured interface (again, Less is more!). I like it can also be found on Apple Store and Google Play (good job!). The design is also user-friendly, and yes: It is still relevant to 2021.

EmailOnDeck.com – First of all, I like they have a captcha form on the front page (this is a plus). They also provide a Recovery solution (through a token), so this is helpful, too. The design of the website is pretty simple, but not as modern or Temp-Email.org. I don’t like they don’t updated the year from the footer (they still have “©2015”!). Ofc, this is a small detail, but since it’s a pretty simple website, they may update it.

d. Gmail filters

If you use Gmail you can add a +[area/niche/activityin this case let’s type spam] to your E-Mail address and then set a Filter that every incoming mail that includes that +spam moves it to spam or trash or whatever.

E.g. your email is haveagreatday1415@gmail.com, you can use then haveagreatday1415+spam@gmail.com to create new account on websites you don’t want to publish your real information.

How to implement this feature:

Go to GMail->Settings->Filters and select “Create a new filter”. In the “To” field you type “haveagreatday1415+spam@gmail.com”. Select “Create filter with this search” and then “Delete it” or move it to any folder you like.

You can also use this feature to mark friends, coworkers or any other important persons.


How to know who sold your e-mail address:

If you trust the website, you can still use your business/personal e-mail, but instead typing your full name, try this:

Let’s say you want to create your account on thatsite123.com: Instead typing on name John Doe, type John Thatsite123 (put the website name into your name). In this way, you will know who sold your personal information in case of spam (in this case, thatsite123.com), and do legal actions against it.

According to Lifewire:

Find out Who Sold Your Personal Information
“If you wonder who sold your personal information to spammers and other third parties, you might be able to find out. The next time you register on a website, use a disposable email address service that lets you create the address name (or at least part of it). Add the website name that you are registering with to the disposable email address name that you create.

If you receive email from companies other than the website you used it on (assuming that’s the only place you used that particular email address), you can infer that the site sold your information to a third party that is now spamming you.” – source here

That’s it. Now you have some ideas about how not to get spammed in 2021. Remember: ”Once you’ve lost your privacy, you realize you’ve lost an extremely valuable thing.” – Jodi Rell.

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