[Temporary] LinkedIn Removed From Google Search

LinkedIn was (Temporary?) removed from Google

Today, while I was doing my searching routine over the internet, I found that LinkedIn has been removed from Google. Maybe it’s a temporary removal or not, but at this time only some of the LinkedIn country subdomains seem to appear there.


LinkedIn Removed From Google
LinkedIn Removed From Google


So, if you do a quick search, you will only find the LinkedIn country subdomains, but you will not see the main domain. To do the search, try this: What is this? Why we cannot see LinkedIn on Google anymore? Let’s see what John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google.

LinkedIn Removed From Google Because of the Google May Update

The newest Google Update, which came in May 2020, brings some headaches for LinkedIn. Their main domain name seems to be deleted from the Google Searches.

A later-explanation came from JohnMu :

PSA: Removing the “http://” version of your site will remove all variations (http/https/www/non-www). Don’t use the removal tools for canonicalization.

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