ChatGPT Offers Internet Access

ChatGPT Offers Internet Access

Good news for the AI enthusiasts: ChatGPT offers internet access. The update allows users to access web browsing within ChatGPT and over 70 ChatGPT beta plugins. And now I ask you: What’s stopping you from becoming the next great online entrepreneur?


Does ChatGPT have access to internet?

Yes,  you can now access the internet through GPT-4, if you have a ChatGPT Plus membership. This upgrade makes ChatGPT better at finding recent info on the internet. So, it can answer questions about stuff that just happened, like the latest news in AI.

Web browsing and Plugins are now rolling out in beta (May 12, 2023)

One of the coolest add-ons is OpenAI’s first-party web-browsing plugin. This lets ChatGPT find information from all over the internet to help answer all sorts of questions you might ask it. Before this, ChatGPT could only tell you about things, events, and people up until around September 2021. This add-on uses Bing’s search tool to find content on the web and it will tell you which websites it used to find the answers to your questions! This makes it easier to get the information you need without having to jump between different apps.

So, this big upgrade from OpenAI is really exciting. It makes ChatGPT Plus even better, allowing users to customize it and get more personalized responses. Stay tuned for more updates about this cool development!

Also, the last update brings other huge improvement: ChatGPT plugins are now available for Plus members. The new features are from companies like Golden, Wolfram, Instacart, Kayak, OpenTable and many others. For example, the OpenTable feature can suggest a restaurant for the weekend and help you book a table. Yesterday I posted an article with the best ChatGPT plugins.

How to enable ChatGPT internet access

To enable ChatGPT Internet Access, you need to go to Settings > Beta Features > Web Browsing. Then under GPT-4 you change it from “Default” to “Browsing”. That’s it. From now, you can use this huge power of AI to do your research.

One trick, if you have an iPhone, you can set up ChatGPT as a widget in your Lock Screen to access it even faster.

Some ideas about how to use ChatGPT internet access

1. Simplify Complex Information

ChatGPT can now summarize any news in a seconds.

Prompt → What were the main points from the last United Nations climate change report released in 2023? Summarize with a short paragraph and a list.

Simplify ELI5’s Description:

Imagine you have a robot friend named ChatGPT. This robot is really good at reading stuff, especially news articles. Sometimes, news articles can be really long and hard to understand. So, ChatGPT helps you by reading these articles and then telling you the most important parts, making it really quick and easy for you.

Let’s say there’s a big report about climate change from the United Nations that came out in 2023. This report might be really big and full of difficult words. You can ask ChatGPT, like you’re asking a friend: ‘Hey, could you tell me the important stuff from the 2023 climate change report? Maybe in a small paragraph and a list?’ And ChatGPT will do just that!”


2. Detecting a trend

As it is connected to the internet, ChatGPT can become your best business partner.

Prompt → Provide a short analysis of the latest e-commerce trends and consumer behavior patterns in the first quarter of 2023

Detecting a trend ELI5’s Description

Imagine having a smart robot friend named ChatGPT. It can look at a lot of things on the internet and make sense of them. This can be really handy if you have a shop and want to know what’s popular or how people are shopping.

For example, if you want to know what’s going on in online shopping and how people are buying things in the first few months of 2023, you just need to ask your robot friend: ‘Can you tell me about the newest trends in online shopping and how people are buying stuff from January to March 2023?’ With this information, you can decide what to do next in your shop!

3. Academic research

Save time in analyzing recent academic documents.

Prompt → Summarize the key findings of the latest research published in ‘Nature’ last week on exoplanet destruction. Give an answer in markdown.

Academic research ELI5

Imagine you’re working on a school project about planets, and you find a really long and complicated article about planets getting destroyed. It might be hard to understand and take a long time to read. But don’t worry, you have a robot friend named ChatGPT who loves to read!

You can ask ChatGPT to read this difficult article for you and tell you the most important parts. You could ask: ‘Can you tell me the main ideas from the article about planets getting destroyed that was in ‘Nature’ journal last week? Can you give it to me in a simple format?’ So, with ChatGPT, you can quickly understand what the article says without having to read the whole thing yourself!

4. Improve your productivity

Use ChatGPT to become more productive when you work from home.

Prompt → From recent online studies, what are the top 5 tips to work better from home? Makes a summary table.

Productivity improvement ELI5

In this era of remote work, being productive at home can be quite the challenge. Here is where ChatGPT comes in as your personal productivity coach. It can provide you with effective strategies and tips to make your work-from-home experience more productive and fulfilling.

Let’s say you’re interested in knowing the best ways to boost your productivity while working from home, based on the most recent online studies. Figuring this out by yourself can take up a lot of your time, but ChatGPT can make this task a breeze for you. All you need to do is ask in a simple manner, something like:

Could you gather the top 5 tips to improve productivity while working from home, according to the latest online studies? Please summarize these in a table format.”

With this prompt, ChatGPT can swiftly provide you with a neatly organized table featuring the most effective tips, enabling you to make the most of your work-from-home days.

5. Stock Market Analyst

Take advantage of real-time data to have ChatGPT analyze company results.

Prompt → Based on the latest financial results of the tech companies, how can their shares evolve in the coming weeks?

Stock Market Analyst ELI5

Think of the stock market like a big, fast game where everyone wants to know what’s going to happen next. People are always looking at numbers and reports from companies to try and guess which way things will go. ChatGPT is like a robot helper that can look at all these numbers and reports really quickly and tell you what it thinks might happen.

Let’s say you’re curious about how much money tech companies might make in the future, and you want to know if this could change their stock prices. Instead of trying to understand all the complicated numbers yourself, you can ask your robot friend:

‘Looking at the latest money reports from tech companies, can you guess if their stock prices might go up or down in the next few weeks?’

ChatGPT can then help you understand what might happen, making the big, fast game a little bit easier to play!

6. Explain a complex event

ChatGPT can take current information to explain a situation simply.

Prompt → Give the current price of gasoline in France and explain to a 5 year old why this price isn’t going down now while the price of oil is going down.

Complex event ELI5

Let’s say you’re trying to figure out why the price of gasoline (that’s what cars use for fuel) in France isn’t getting cheaper even though the price of oil (which is used to make gasoline) is getting cheaper. This might sound tricky, right? But don’t worry, ChatGPT can help explain it in a simple way.

You can ask ChatGPT something like:

‘Can you tell me what the price of gasoline in France is right now, and explain like I’m a 5-year-old, why this price isn’t getting cheaper while the price of oil is getting cheaper?’

ChatGPT will then explain it in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand, even a five-year-old!

7. Coding using the latest documentation

ChatGPT will search for the latest information to code better.

Prompt → Code the structure of a manifest file of a Chrome extension using the latest available documentation.

Coding ELI5

Programming can be like trying to put together a big puzzle, especially when you have to use the latest rules or ‘documentation.’ But guess what? ChatGPT can be like a puzzle buddy. It can look all over the internet to find the newest puzzle rules to help you put your puzzle pieces together better.

Let’s say you’re trying to make something for a web browser called a Chrome extension, and you need to make a ‘manifest file’ – kind of like a recipe card that tells the browser what ingredients your extension needs. This can be really tricky, especially if you want to make sure you’re following the latest recipe. But don’t worry, you can ask your puzzle buddy for help:

‘Can you help me make a manifest file for a Chrome extension using the latest recipe?’

ChatGPT will then find the most recent recipe and help you put your puzzle together. This way, you can make sure you’re doing it right, making your puzzle making a whole lot smoother and easier!

8. Write an updated essay

Now ChatGPT can give you links and references for your essay.

Prompt → Write an essay on the Napoleonic Wars citing your sources with links. Add titles in markdown.


Writing an essay can be a lot like going on a treasure hunt, especially when you need to find the latest info or ‘references.’ But don’t worry, ChatGPT can be your personal treasure map. It can help you find the right ‘treasures’ or links you need to make your essay great.

Imagine you have to write an essay about the Napoleonic Wars, which happened a long time ago. You want to use the most current info you can find, and you want your essay to have special titles called ‘markdown.’ Hunting for all the right treasures and putting them in the right places can be a big job. But you can just ask ChatGPT to help, like this:

‘Can you help me write an essay about the Napoleonic Wars, and show me the treasure spots with links? Also, can you use markdown for the titles?’

ChatGPT will then give you an essay with all the right treasures in all the right places and with fancy titles. This can save you a lot of time and work. So instead of spending hours searching for treasures and figuring out where to put them, you can focus on making your essay really shine.


ChatGPT, a super smart robot helper from OpenAI, has gotten even better! With a new update, it can now use the internet, just like us. This means it can find and understand the latest information from the web and answer questions about recent things. You can even surf the web inside ChatGPT now, which is really handy. Another feature is that it can use special tools called plugins from companies like OpenTable, Wolfram, and others to do even more cool stuff. To use all these features, you just need to change some settings.

So, what can ChatGPT do with internet access? It can help you understand complex information easily, like news articles or reports. It can be your personal assistant to analyze business trends or help with school projects. It can give tips to work better from home, and even give advice about the stock market. It can explain tricky situations in a simple way and be a coding buddy by looking for the newest rules to help you program better. Lastly, it can help you write an amazing essay with the latest information.

So, with the power of the internet and these cool new tools, ChatGPT can be an even better helper for you in many different ways!

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