Best 3 Ways to Get Quality Cheap Hosting for WordPress

Best 3 Ways to Get Quality Cheap Hosting for WordPress

Affordable WordPress Hosting – How to get it

Finding affordable Web Hosting in 2019, with good or even right specifications, will not be something simple as we know.  More than 2018, 2015 or even 2010, in our days the Hosting “Whales” will be very promoted over the World Wide Web. And, as you may already know, those big hosting companies are not always the best choice.

First of all, they pay a lot for their marketing promotions and, somehow, they must take the investment back to their pockets. Second, because of the large-scale promotion, they will have thousands of customers hosted on the same servers and this may be not a good thing.

Think about this: You buy a shared hosting package where to host your established website. But, because it is shared and the big companies almost never check their customers data, your website will be hosted in the same place with tens of untrusting websites: Gambling sites, pharma sites, even PBNs.

Well…How to find a quality cheap WordPress hosting and get the best from it?

The answer is quite simple: Look for Small Hosting Providers. A Small Hosting Provider is usually also a Start-up business, so the owner of this business is, most of the cases, an enthusiastic entrepreneur who will build more than a simple seller-buyer relationship with you. Most of the time he will be ready anytime, every hour, to help you and get you out of the trouble. And, yes. In the IT industry, troubles are everywhere.

Even a simple WordPress update can crash your website and your entire work. A small hosting provider will know each client from his portfolio and will be ready to take in the action.

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From my personal past experience, I don’t like the Chat Support of the big companies, because:

  1. You have to expect a lot to get in touch with them ( I repeat – there are thousands of customers, like you, with different issues ).
  2. Even when you get in touch with their Customer Support, you may not find the best answer or, in worst cases, you’ll have to pay extra fees for their little help.
  3. In some cases, the person who chat with you over the Customer Support message board is not even an employee of that company. Some of the big hosting companies hire other companies special for this kind of job. And this may be a security problem for you. With a Small Hosting Provider, in most of the cases you will speak directly with the owner of the server or, at least, with a person from inside the company.

See The Best 3 Ways to Get Cheap Hosting for WordPress:

  1. If your business website is referring to a local business or a local place, than try to find a local hosting provider. It is non-sense to buy a shared hosting from an oversea company. The website speed will be affected ( excluding the other factors ) by the physical distance between your website visitors and your hosting server location. Usually, the local hosting providers are cheaper than those big companies.
  2. If you run a Small WordPress Website, you don’t need too much SSD Hosting Space – based on my WordPress Developer, a regular WordPress website use around 500Mb – 700Mb. On the SSD Hosting Market, as much space you’ll rent, a higher fee you will pay. So, you don’t have to buy an 100GB SSD Hosting package, if you have just 1 small WordPress website.
  3. Look for quality – Not quantity – The real performance of a WordPress Hosting is influenced by a lot of factors. One of the most important factors is the number of people you will share your hosting. As fewer they will be, as faster your website will be. So, again: Pick a Small Hosting Provider.

Well, those are the keypoints to get a Quality Cheap WordPress Hosting. 

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