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WordPress has a decent built-in mailing script which works great on most servers. But on some servers, the website won’t send emails out. This post will tell you how to fix the WordPress Not Sending Emails issue.

Contact Form 7 Not Sending Email

Yesterday, a friend of mine messaged me and asked the following question:

Sup? My CF7 (Contact Form 7) WordPress plugin form is not sending submitted messages. From what I heard, this is a common problem because WordPress uses PHP for its email working process. Is WP Mail SMTP the right plugin to solve my email issue? Also, it’s a file upload form that I used the shortcode to add to my page. And yes, I already checked my spam folder in my domain email, and there isn’t any test message.

So, if you have the same issue as the person above, and the Contact Form 7 stopped sending emails, I will help you to solve your problem. Read below what you have to do:

Why is WordPress not sending Emails?

Some servers do not work well with WordPress’s built-in mailer. WordPress built-in mailer uses some unique methods to send out emails. In some servers, this method may fail due to authentication and security issues. The regular PHP mail() function is not working with your server because of the server security settings.

Sometimes essential WordPress emails may work. But emails associated with plugins such as WooCommerce, contact forms, etc., won’t work well. There is nothing much to worry about it because it is normal! Now let’s see how to fix the issue.

There are several reasons why Contact Form 7 may not be sending emails. Here are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Check your email settings: Make sure that the email address you have entered in the “To” field of the Contact Form 7 settings is correct and that your email client is set up correctly.
  • Check your spam folder: The email may be getting marked as spam, so check your spam folder to see if the email is there.
  • Check your hosting: Some hosting providers have a security feature that blocks emails sent from WordPress contact forms. Contact your hosting provider to see if this is the case.
  • Check the plugin settings: Make sure that the plugin is configured correctly and that the “Send” button is enabled.
  • Check your website error log: It may have more information about why the email is not sending.
  • Try different Form plugin : If the problem persists, try using a different contact form plugin to see if that resolves the issue.

If none of the above works, you can contact the plugin developer for support.

Please keep in mind that the solution may vary depending on the specific configuration of your website and the cause of the issue.

Use WP Mail SMTP plugin

What is WP mail SMTP plugin?

WP Mail SMTP plugin is a plugin that allows you to send emails from your WordPress site. It’s an alternative to the default WordPress mail function, which doesn’t allow you to send emails with attachments.

Yes, WP Mail SMTP is FREE. More than two million WordPress sites are using it. It’s a great plugin, as the installation is quick and settings are easy to configure.
To make your WordPress email setup as quick & painless as possible, WP Mail SMTP offers a well-designed Setup Wizard that walks you through any configuration steps.

Install¬†WP Mail SMTP¬†plugin. Once you have installed and activated the plugin, go to¬†Settings‚Äď>Email.

Use WP Mail SMTP plugin


First, you have to configure yours from address and Name. It is effortless and meaningful. Make sure that you enter a valid email. Now scroll down, and you will see SMTP configuration fields. This is the most critical step.

smtp options
SMTP Options


Get your SMTP details for the email address specified in the From Email box. It can be collected from your hosting account. Using third-party SMTP, you can order it from their website. Going for paid SMTP packages is not recommended as long as your server’s SMTP works fine. Once you have done entering details, you can save changes. Now all of your outgoing emails will be sent using SMTP.


  • It is recommended to use SSL settings for SMTP
  • You can contact your host support team if you don’t know how to get your SMTP details


There are a few reasons you might add WP Mail SMTP:

  1. To better guarantee email deliverability. I can’t tell you how often I’ve seen a novice web designer get owned because they didn’t set up the server’s mail exchanger correctly, and the client never received any emails via PHP mail‚ÄĒkind of a significant problem for obvious reasons.
  2. It is automatic if the client wants to view sent messages from their website in their native inbox.¬†You don’t have a way of seeing emails sent from your server via PHP mail. There are ways to set this up, but for most people, it’s easier to use an SMTP service.¬†When you use a plugin like WP SMTP, you log into the existing email account and send it directly from its mail server. If the client has office 365, it will come from their account just like if they manually sent the email themselves – and show up in their sent folder accordingly.
  3. Same reason as #1 except for smoothing the process during server migration. One less step to deal with is configuring the new server.

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