Pinterest Account Management Services

A Brief History Of Pinterest

Pinterest is the Rising Star of the top Social Media Companies. Launched in 2010 by Ben SilbermannPaul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp, year by year Pinterest have proved it’s power. As you may observed, it is not an usual Social Media website, like Facebook or Twitter. Pinterest is more likely a visual search engine, where you can use pictures to create beautiful and useful image collections.

A Huge Advertising Oportunity

In October 2016, Pinterest announced that it’s community grown to 150M, more than 60M being from United States of America.

  • Q1 - 128M Audience
  • Q2 - 135M Audience
  • Q3 - 150M Audience
  • Q4 - 160M Audience
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Increase Your Brand Authority

Yes! Pinterest is one of the best places where you can increase your Brand Authority. It has one of the best growth in the last five years, and in the next years I estimate it will keep the trend.

By using the best Pinterest marketing practicies, I can improve your Reach and promote your Brand to a big slice of the audience mentioned above.

Based on my experience, I can increase your Pinterest Account Authority in just a few months.


Pinterest Business Account Creation
  • This package is for Mrs. or Mr. John, who didn’t owned a Pinterest account in the past. I will setup you a Pinterest Business account from the ground and I will make sure it will have a good start.
  • Timeframe: Minimum 4 months
  • Number of pins: Up-to 150 High Related Pins scheduled per day, a mix between your pins (20%) and curated content (80%). All the pins will be schenduled through Tailwind (*Read FAQ/point 6).
  • Number of boards: Up-to 12 Pinterest Boards per Month, High Related with your Business niche.
  • Number of followers: Minimum 3000 High Related Followers at the end of the first 4 months's deal.
  • Minimum Pins/Board: At the end of each month, after the clean-up, you will have at least 250 High Quality pins in the each board, in addition to the existing ones.
  • Number of followings: I will follow at least 150 related pinners per day, from targeted countries and targeted businesses.
  • Keywords Research:Each Pinterest Board will be named after a high related keyword. Also, each personal pin's description will be relevant with the content and will have at least two keywords/phrases, in order to attract more and more relevant traffic.
  • Account Clean-up&Makeover: Account clean-up every week. At the end of each month, the existing boards will be personalized with custom covers, in order to attract more and more audience.
  • Reports: Monthly progress and growth report.
  • Maximum efficiency!: Your Pinterest Business Account will gain a top notch appeal and your followers will engage more and more with your Business.


The monthly boards will be created according with your Business’s niche and each keyword will represent a piece of your Business’s puzzle. To get the best of Pinterest, I will also follow Pinterest trends and Google trends.

For the second second Pinterest Package ( Pinterest Account Management&Administration ) I only accept 5 spots/session. A session is structured on minimum 4 months.

The payment will be made in advance:

  1. For the first Pinterest package ( Pinterest Business Account Creation ), you have to send all the payment one time in advance.
  2. For the second Pinterest package ( Pinterest Account Management&Administration Session ), you can pay monthly, at the begin of each month. For full time payment in advance, you get a fair discount of 10% from the total.

Payment Methods

  1. PayPal
  2. LocalBitcoins – You can create account HERE
  3. WesternUnion or MoneyGram.
  4. Credit Card

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)