Project Description

IBBO, I Am Aware Education, is a network of authorized spiritual primary and secondary schools throughout the Netherlands. It falls under the CVSO, Center for Spiritual Education in Geleen.

IBBO and CVSO were created in Limburg with the visions and visions of Jean and Gentille. Both tell their story in the interview below (see movie). Also, read all the information on the website IBBO: http://www.weernaarsoul.nl/ Through awareness you learn from yourself and you create new opportunities to grow.

This awareness is the thread in the provision of education, courses, lectures, coaching and training. Besides IBBO, is for children who are educated at home have the opportunity to attend guest lectures on IBBO school through THON: homeschooling.

Thanks CVSO / IBBO all IBBO schools supported by a knowledge of spiritual and educational support (training for counselors and parents, info-days and meetings with doctors, nurses, therapists and spiritual centers). Also, resources are shared, such as the pupil. Go under the CVSO / IBBO so more schools originated in the Netherlands and abroad. It was decided to name all schools in the line of crystals and minerals of Mother Earth.

Nijmegen that has become so IBBO Dolomites, named after a stone that helps you to be yourself and your talents and strengths to be expressed. Geleen is already started about four years IBBO Angelite and Meppel this year IBBO Chalcedony.

In the interview, initiator Anita Movrin about the intentions of this IBBO school. Furthermore Chalcedony often in the news and here you find a radio interview with Anita.

  • Client: IBBO Dolomiet
  • Date: February, 2016
  • Project URL: http://www.weernaarsoul.nl/
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