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WordPress Maintenance – Standard Monthly

You’ll Get


Full Website Backup

In order to stay safe, I will create a full backup copy of your site once a month. In case of disaster (the website is hacked or a plugin/theme update go wrong), I will restore it within 72h.


Safely WordPress Core Update

WordPress CMS is constantly updated. Once a new update is ready, I will make sure your site meet the requirements and update the core version to the latest one.


Theme, Plugins and PHP Update

Ever notice how it seems like every week something needs to be updated? I’ve got you covered. I will maintain your website elements up-to-date (theme, plugins and even the PHP version, if it’s required).


Test Links and Contact Form

Any links (internal and external links) and forms (contact forms, quick contact forms, subscribe form, etc.) on your website will be tested to make sure they are functioning properly.


Security and Hack-Proof

I will implement the best security optimizations to your website. Through the security plugin (the free version of it), your site will be daily security scanned to check for any vulnerabilities or malware.


WordPress Recovery

Your website been hacked? The theme or plugin(s) update(s) go wrong? Your hosting server is down? Don’t worry, I got your back. Within 72 hours, your website will be online again.

Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress maintenance service is the process where you (the customer) hire me (the developer) in order to make sure your site is functioning properly. It include security, recovery and update tasks (theme update, plugin(s) update, content update, backup creation, recovery of site, etc.), or fixing existing website issues (broken links, SEO and speed optimization, etc.)

Right now I provide 3 website maintenance plans: Basic plan ($87/mo), Standardt plan ($174/mo) and Premium plan ($348/mo). You can find more here: Plans and Pricing

Yes! Website maintenance is very important for your site. If you’re a busy business owner, or simply you don’t have enough spare time to administrate the site, maintaining the site is an extra worry. Not mentioning that if your site represents your online identity and it is hacked, broken or put down (from different reasons), there will be an extra worry for you.

Sites go down every time, even on the big companies (Amazon site went down on July 16, 2018; Microsoft site went down on June 20, 2018; etc), but having someone who take care of it and recover it fast when things go wrong, it’s stress-free aspect. Basically, when you hire me as your website administrator, you will have extra time to relax and to focus on your business and family.

Of course you can. I don’t reinvent the wheel. The main purpose of this service is to give you, as entrepreneur, more time. And you, in your position, understand the value of each second.

There are also people who own websites, but they are simply not too technical. They perform better in other areas and they hire professionals where they know is a lack of knowledge.

As you know, there are 3 maintenance plans. The following points are included in each plan:

  • Full Website Backup
  • Security checks
  • Website backups
  • WordPress theme, core, and plugin updates
  • Up-time monitoring
  • Recovery, in case of disaster

According to your chosen plan, there will be, for example, monthly full website backups, weekly or daily.

Specific to each plan, there is also a response time, where the priority is on the Premium plan (within 24 hours), followed by the Standardt plan (within 48 hours) and Basic plan (within 72 hours).

On the Standardt and Premium plan, I offer more benefits, like:

  • Publish new articles
  • SEO reports
  • Security reports
  • Free website migration
  • and many more benefits…

*Note that you have to provide the content (text, media content, etc) for the articles/pages you want to publish. I can also provide content writing (through my business partners), but you have to pay an extra fee for that, and the rates are different from niche to niche. If you need copywriting, just message me and I will find the a way to help you.

Of course you can. But if your site is constantly going offline, and I identify that the cause is due to the hosting performance, you have to upgrade the hosting plan or change the hosting provider. If you don’t accept (from different reasons), I cannot provide you website maintenance, because this service is not compatible with low-performance hosting servers.

In order to get the best of my service, you have to make sure your actual hosting server comply with your website requirements.

If you want to upgrade/change the actual hosting provider, I can advice you from where to buy (it can be my hosting service or any other decent hosting provider – I really don’t care too much about this aspect, it’s not an important one) and what are the best amount of resources (RAM, CPU, server location) for your site.

If you are using monthly payment, you can change to upgrade/downgrade the plans. If you already paid for the an entire year, you can only upgrade the plan (if there is a superior plan), but you cannot downgrade and ask for a refund.

If you made a mistake and bought the service without intention, you can ask for a refund in the first 12h after you made the payment. No refund will be issued after 12 hours. This apply for both monthly and yearly plans.

Payments for the Website Maintenance plans are non-refundable, and I do not issue pro rata refunds for fees paid in advance. Once a payment or deposit is made, it is non-refundable. All Setup fees are nonrefundable as it is applied to costs immediately incurred by WebsitesSeller.com in initiating services. If a project is cancelled or postponed, all moneys paid are retained by WebsitesSeller.com and if applicable, a fee for all work completed beyond what was already paid for shall be paid by the client.

Your credit card is charged automatically, through PayPal or Stripe, at the start of each billing cycle.

  1. For the monthly plans, you will get billed each month, on the day you’ve initially signed up.
  2. For the yearly plans, you will get billed after 12 months, in the same month and day you’ve initially signed up.

Once payment is completed you receive an email invoice to let you know your payment has posted.

Yes. After more than 10 years being inside the industry, I know what my clients’s sites required in matter of hosting performance, and I provide tailored solutions for each client.

The “Support Time” feature is how much time I invest in your website per month. Here is the monthly support time for each plans:

  • Basic plan: 30 minutes per month
  • Standardt plan: 60 minutes per month
  • Premium plan: 120 minutes per month

Example: If you subscribe for the Basic plan, you will get 30 minutes monthly. In this 30-minutes time, I will make the required updates and configurations.

Note: If your site got offline and it needs recovery (it got hacked or an update went wrong, etc.), the time invested in the recovery process will not be counted as the support time. Even the 30 minutes support time were spent, I will invest all the time required to put the site back, without discussion. In fact, this is one of the ideas of this kind of service. To keep my clients’s sites online, running without any issue.

You have to provide the formatted content (text and images), as I already mentioned at the point 5, above. However, I can also provide content writing (through my business partners), but you have to pay an extra fee for that, and the rates are different from niche to niche. If you need copywriting, just message me and I will find the a way to help you.

Note: You are fully responsible for the text you provide.

This feature is included in the Premium plan, when you choose the yearly subscription.

I will migrate your site for free, for each of the yearly plans and for the monthly Premium plan.

I do the following migrations:

  1. Sub-domain to domain.
  2. Hosting transfer.
  3. Hosting and domain transfer.

Note: The migration benefit apply only for the sites under 750mb, as presented in the WordPress Transfer service. Basically, you will get what is mentioned in the WordPress Transfer service for free.

Depending on the website maintenance you have, here are the maximum time I will respond to your requests:

  1. Basic plan: Within 72 hours
  2. Standardt plan: Within 48 hours
  3. Premium plan: Within 24 hours

For example, if you have the basic maintenance plan and you want to fix/update/change something, I will respond in maximum 72 hours after I’ll receive your message request.

The priority of the requests are counted in the following hierarchy: Premium -> Standardt -> Basic.


Please mention as much information as you can and I will recommend the best suited WordPress maintenance plan.


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