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Transfer your WordPress Site in 24h, without any hassle. Order now. Service satisfaction Guaranteed!

After I received your order, in 99,98% of the cases, I will migrate your site within 24h. That “0,02” represent the case where the business partner don’t provide the required information (see the FAQ list), or I will encounter errors from the hosting server.

WordPress Transfer Examples:


Subdomain to Root

Your WordPress site will be migrated from a subdomain (sub.yoursite.com) to the main domain.


From A to B hosts

Your WordPress site will be migrated from the old hosting server to a new one.


From domain A to domain B

Your WordPress site will be moved to another domain name. This can be made on the same hosting or on a different one.


From different domains/subdomains

Your site will be moved from subdomain A to domain B, or from subdomain A to domain A, from host A to host A, or from host A to host B.


In order to make the process smooth, I need the following information:

  • Website URL you want to transfer.
  • cPanel login credentials (e-mail, username and password). In case of using a particular cPanel, provided by your hosting company (SiteGround, for example, use their own cPanel feature), please provide me access there. Attention: A higher budget may be required.
  • WordPress Admin Dashboard login credentials (e-mail, username and password), and the custom login URL, in case you personalized it. The standard login address looks like: yoursite.com/wp-login.php

If you have any other particular information to share, please let me know.

It depends. Usually, from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the hosting location, speed of transfer, etc. There isn’t just one single factor to make a proper estimation.

Yes! With hundreds of sites already migrated (since 2008), I can guarantee your site files will be in safe hands!

Because I need access to the core files and database, which I’ll transfer to the new server.

If you want to change the domain name or to transfer the existing site to a new domain address, you have two options:

  1. You will send me the login access to the DN provider’s Panel, and I will do it for you.
  2. You change the Name Servers (NS) from the Domain Manager.

You can learn more about how to transfer the domain name here: How to migrate domain name

No, this service is only for small sites (up to 750MB). For bigger sites, please message me and we’ll discuss our terms.

Yes and no. It really depends on how old the website is. For example, if you have a 2008-era WordPress site, be sure that uploading it to a PHP 8.0.0 (or even 7.4 – below 7.4 is already “end of life”) won’t do the job.

Unfortunately, this package does not include SEO services. For link redirect services, or for any other SEO work, you must contact me. The hourly rate starts at $70.

Once the payment was received and the service started, I don’t offer refund.

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