Ahrefs is working on a general purpose search engine

Ahrefs is working on a general purpose search engine

Ahrefs search engine announcement

Update: June 3rd, 2022: SEO tool Ahrefs invests $60M in building creator-friendly search engine, ‘Yep’

So, yep: After years of rumours and speculations, the Ahrefs Search Engine is finally here: Yep.com. Even if I am a big fan of Ahrefs, I have to admit Yep is in the early stages, so another long path from there, until everything will be working like a charm.  Right now, Yep It is a super beta version, just at the start of the road. The Ahrefs’s team follow a lean Start Up model, I suppose. This can be, somehow, translated into: “get the MVP out, get feedback, and improve the product.” But, anyway, I really admire their courage, starting a project like this, at this scale, knowing the World Wide context. So, I would love to send to the Ahrefs’s team a warm “Good luck!”.

2019’s article below

Have you really wonder how many Search Engines are right now active on the Online Market? Response: Thousands. Of course, you already know about a few of them. The biggest five Search Engine brands are: Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL and Ask. Everybody heard at least one time about one of them, and – of course – used one of them several times – per day.

Well, Dmitry Gerasimenko, Founder and CEO of Ahrefs, one of the biggest “Online Research and Analysis” companies on the Online Market, just announced that he plans to create a new search engine, able to share 90% of the profit with the Content Creators. In several tweets, he explained the reason for his idea, revealing the plan from the first tweet: “Ahrefs is working on a general purpose search engine”.

Even if Ahrefs will not take a big part of the “cake”, the 90/10 remains a very good profit, in the scenario that a lot of Content Creators will migrate from Google to them. He also write about the User privacy of the Google’s consumers: “First one is obviously privacy and it was discussed so much that I will switch to the second one – Profit share. Google is making $100B from its Search service. Imagine they suddenly implement 90/10 profit share model sending $90B per year to publishers who create content.”, Dmitry said.


Sounds great, right? Take a look on his latest posts on his Twitter account:



Finally, Dmitry also posted a job proposal for the willing, for the ML and Development positions, and suggested that even Facebook, or any other big Social Media could implement the 90/10, in the desire to help the Content Creators.

Every SEO guy in this World knows that Ahrefs own a huge amount of data and the idea of creating a new Search Engine is nothing impossible. The main difference between Ahrefs and the other major Search Engines is the budget (and also the infrastructure and employees), but who knows?! This time maybe well see Google facing some real competition.

As a personal opinion, I found this idea very attractive for the CC and I really hope that – someday, G or Y or MSN will send us a bigger “piece of cake”. Until then, Happy Googling!

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