WordPress Maintenance Services

Stress-Free WordPress Maintenance Service!

As WordPress developer, I maximize your team’s efficiency by administrating your WordPress site.

The cost of hiring and training someone to work in-house to manage your website can often outweigh the benefits. I offer administration services to clients based on an hourly rate or a monthly retainer, depending on your needs.

For custom WordPress Maintenance, contact me.

WordPress Administration Services

To keep your WordPress site performing well after its online publication, your website still needs to be managed and technically maintained. It is not prudent to just publish your website and walk away thinking “job-done”.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing are constantly evolving using artificial intelligence and changing their algorithms (the way they evaluate your website) to finely hone their users search experience. Therefore, properly managing and technically maintaining a website ensures it stays in tune with changing search engine technology and software environment.

After the publication of your website, I can continue to be the webmaster for your website, providing website technical support and carrying out any website maintenance required.

The WordPress management services are renewable monthly or annually, and, depending on your specific case, it can include the renewal of hosting space and domain name, maintaining website security, monitoring website traffic, search engine re-submissions and tracking changes, as well as recovering your website in case of disaster.

Nowadays, many people simply forget to backup their enterprise website: Maybe the stress of running their business, the lack of knowledge or any other reasons. Some of the bad scenarios are when you need a site backup:

  • Hacked site recovery – In case you need to recover your business website very fast, and in the same way it was, you need a backup.
  • WordPress updates break your website – It happens. Every time you make a theme or plugin update, make sure you do a backup before. Most of the people put those updates on “auto” mode, meaning your WordPress site can go down while your potential clients are surfing on it. That’s bad!
  • Cheap hosting – One of the biggest problems with those cheap hosting providers ($1/month, $3/month, $5/month) with UNLIMITED traffic, UNLIMITED domains and other misleading offers may disappear after a few weeks you just bought their plan(s). Guess what?! Your website will disappear, too. In order to keep your website online, you need someone (person or software) to take care of it, and taking prompt action in case of any problems.

In any case, you need a fresh and well-structured backup of your website. But these WordPress maintenance services aren’t only about backups. I also provide Security protection for your site and implement the last réglementation in matter of WordPress security. Your website is in safe hands and your enterprise will continue to prosper.

For WordPress speed improvements, check my service: WordPress Speed Up Service ⚡ Improve Your WordPress Performance

For other WordPress maintenance services, such as adding new content (text, images, WooCommerce products), as well as adding new features, the price is $75/hour (negotiable, depending of the nature of tasks and the number of hours you need ). For urgent WordPress support, you can contact me anytime.

Basic WordPress Maintenance

What I’ll be doing for you:

✔ Website Backups

Backup, backup, backup! You can never have enough backups in case anything were to go wrong. Your website is safe with a backup. Your website’s backup is safe with my service!

✔ Secure and Hack-Proof (If it gets hacked we will fix it for FREE)

I will implement the best security optimizations to your website. I will be doing daily security scans to check for any vulnerabilities or malware.

✔ Proactive Plugins, WordPress, Theme & PHP Version Updates.

Ever notice how it seems like every week something needs to be updated? I’ve got you covered. I will maintain your website elements up-to-date.

✔ Test Links & Contact Form

Any links and forms on your website will be tested on a regular basis to make sure they are functioning properly.

✔SEO WhiteHat Plugin configuration

Most of the time, your website don’t get the full power of the backlinks which are pointed to it. With this feature, you will get 100% WhiteHat links back, so your website will get a positive SEO boost.

✔ Test Website Loading Speed

I will test your website’s loading speed on a regular basis. Ideally, you want your website to load in 3 seconds or less.

*For WordPress Speed Optimization, check out my service: WordPress Speed Up Service ⚡ Improve Your WordPress Performance

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Custom WordPress Maintenance

For custom WordPress Maintenance, contact me.