WordPress Speed Up Optimization


Is Your WordPress website Slow? This is a BIG problem for your website, because not only you may lose potential clients, but also Google™ will penalize it. I can Speed Up your WordPress website. Depends of your website and, more important, of your hosting, I can make your website faster. I can guarantee GREEN SCORE to your site, from 78% positive score to 95%, depends of:


WordPress Hosting Resources

-Yes! This is the 1st problem when we talk about WordPress Speed problems. For example, if your website is hosted on a Shared Hosting, you split the (already) limited hosting resources with a ton of other websites. This may also represent a risk for your website authority, because you never know who are the other guys which are hosting their websites along with yours. They can be spammy, PBN, gambling, pharma, or even worse, illegal websites ( which promote illegal stuff ). And..No! Generally speaking, Gambling or Pharma don’t represent something bad, but the majority of them are PURE SPAM. I also sell Hosting packages, so you can buy with trust and enjoy your time.


WordPress Images

-As you may already know, optimized images play a major role into the “Website Speed Process”. Most of my clients and website owners ( in fact, the majority of them ) don’t optimize their website images. This may be because of the lack of the attention, lack of time or lazy ( Yes, some people become lazy when we talk about this development process’s step, because – Let’s say the truth – it is BORING! ). Well, here I come: I can optimize your website images and take their resolution to the best fit. Not only that your website images will be with 85% less than the original size, but it will also fit 100% with your visitor’s computer, tablet or mobile browser.


“Scripts make my WordPress website slow”

Yeah! We all know those annoying issues when we check our website with GTmetrix, Pingdoom or Google™ Insights. Most of the scripts issues came from Java Scripts and CSS scripts ( ” Minify JavaScript “, ” Minify HTML “, ” Minify CSS “, etc ). More than this, ( and here I will bring in the context the Hosting problem – Again ), the Gzip compression don’t exist. Well, here I come again: With a mix of plugins ( yes, thanks to WordPress’s market, we can use Free plugins to optimize our site ) and manual scripts optimizations, I can bring your website speed to a normal value.


What may be the causes which slow my WordPress website?

  1. Like I’ve said early, the Hosting represents the no.1 cause.
  2. WordPress plugins: The plugins play a major role for the speed of a WordPress website. Make sure you have installed and activated only necessar plugins.
  3. The technology of our days is also focused on improving the processing skills of the user devices. The old slower devices may not be able to load the complex components the modern design has brought up, slowing your website speed.


I don’t want to expose my personal method online, but here you can see some results of my work:


1. https://goo.gl/qMRTdQ ( As you can see here, most of the errors comes from Google™ itself, so this is the max score any man can make ).
2. https://goo.gl/LtnpyV
3. https://goo.gl/H3gw4S – As you can see, my client’s website is based on a big featured image. With all the compression, all the page size is good.

1. https://goo.gl/wQMnH5
2. https://goo.gl/kJuMkc
3. https://goo.gl/DyGYie


Note that both websites had bad speed score before I’ve taken the control of them. 


Well, here is what can I do for your website

WordPress Website Speed Optimization according to Google Page Speed, GtMetrix, pingdom speed test recommendations.
Configure CDN to make your website Super Fast.
Enable Gzip Compression.
Leverage browser caching.
Add Expires Header.
Minification of html,css, js
Defer parsing of JavaScript.
Remove Query Strings From Static Resources
Make fewer HTTP requests
Database Optimization, and reduced page size.
Optimize images using loseless compression for maximum speed.
Configure and optimize a great .htaccess file
Control the amount of post revisions stored
Remove unnecessar WordPress bloats and features like emoji, etc.
Send Reports before and after Google PageSpeed Insights & Yslow.


Important Note: ◈◈ I also offer full refund if there is no significant improvement on speed.



What about the Hosting?


As I’ve told you above, I can also provide Premium Hosting which fit with your website. For a fair monthly fee ( or you can pay it for an entire year, with discount ), I can guarantee that your website files will be hosted on a strong and powerful Server, that have an uptime of  99,99%.

Andrei surprised me with his skills. After only 2 weeks, our website speed increased with 300%. This have boost our number of Unique Visitors/day and improve our Alexa score. Highly recommend!



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