Websites Seller quickly grew to encompass all WordPress Services for Small Businesses: Development, Performance, Maintenance and Security, SEO, Social Media and Brand Identity.

I want to create a professional website for my small business. How can you help?

I can create your Online Brand Identity, by providing a well-structured, scalable and high-performing WordPress website. Even more, I will implement top-notch security optimizations, to make it more secured.

Do you offer ongoing WordPress Maintenance and Support for my business site?

Yes! I offer ongoing WordPress support and maintenance service for your website. Read more about this service here: WordPress Maintenance

Small Business Web Design with WordPress CMS

First of all, why WordPress?

Since December 2020, WordPress CMS is the most used form of script utilised in the Website Development Process from the Entire WWW. Hand-coded languages (excluding the Content Management Systems / CMS – HTML, for example) have been the most used kind of websites since the WEB was born.

  • WordPress - 405, 000 Searches
  • Wix - 368, 000 Searches
  • Joomla - 27, 100 Searches
  • Drupal - 40, 500 Searches


From May 2021, Core Web Vitals will become a very important ranking factor, Google announced in February this year. This will have a major impact for your website rankings. Luckly, I provide Core Web Vitals optimization, alongside with WordPress Speed Up Service. 

Direct ranking factor on Google

The website speed (site speed) is a direct ranking factor on Google . This means that the Google algorithm evaluates the reaction time that a website needs to process a request and takes this value into account when calculating the website positioning in the search results. Since July 2018, website speed has also been a ranking factor for mobile search .

Positive user signals

Fast loading times usually lead to a better user experience and thus to satisfied users. The satisfied users send positive user signals by staying longer on the website, calling up other sub-pages of the same web presence and not returning to the search results list. In addition to the technical implementation, the user signals are the most important factors for Google in determining the ranking of a website.

Better crawling

The faster a website takes to load, the more likely it will be crawled more often and more accurately. This is important to ensure that your page is indexed as accurately as possible. Ultimately, the goal of every website operator should be that their page is correctly indexed and that the new content is available to Google users as quickly as possible.



Best practice website UI/UX designed exclusively for you.



I’ve moved hundreds of websites, so I get it.


WordPress Support

Ongoing support, maintenance, update and security services.



Durable themes and modules – easy to understand and edit.


On-Site SEO

On-Site Search Engine Optimization: page-by-page


Social Media



Reasonably priced and fully managed, 24/7 support.



Properly-optimized Google Analytics and more.


Sky Is The Limit

Do you have an idea about your future website? Contact me today!


Transfer WordPress Site

Do you need to transfer your website from Sever A to Server B, or from Domain A to Domain B? You found the right person! With hundreds of WordPress websites transferred since 2008, I can perfectly handle any WordPress Migration, from small sites to big ones.

Your website will be live on the new source in max. 24h (usually, less than that) after your application will be accepted.

WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

The WordPress maintenance and support services are renewable monthly or annually, and, depending on your specific case, it can include the renewal of hosting space and domain name, maintaining website security, monitoring website traffic, search engine re-submissions and tracking changes, as well as recovering your website in case of disaster.

Hacked site recovery – In case you need to recover your business website very fast, and in the same way it was, you need a backup.

Pinterest Account Management

Are you tired of trying to do your own marketing? Do you want more traffic on your website? Do you want to increase your Pinterest Audience and reach your goals?

I have the solution! Pinterest Account Management Service: Professional and affordable! This service will be your best alley to be successful in your business footprint.

Lawyer Web Design

Websites Seller designs quality, beautiful & professional Law Firm Web Design. I provide web services for Attorneys, Lawyers and Law Firms.

The service includes custom website design with unlimited pages, On-site SEO, custom evaluation forms, web hosting maintenance, email, domain names and more. All these add up to a highly professional law firm website that can be as basic or as creative as you wish.