How to Rename the WooCommerce Admin Menu in WordPress


Introduction: What is the WooCommerce Admin Menu?

The WooCommerce Admin Menu is one of the most important features that WooCommerce has to offer. It allows you to manage your store from your WordPress dashboard, without having to log in and out of different screens.

The WooCommerce Admin Menu has four main sections: Settings, Products, Orders and Customers. These sections provide a general overview of your store and allow you to access the settings for each area, as well as edit any products or orders that are currently live on your site.

How to Rename the WooCommerce Admin Menu in WordPress

There are many reasons why you might want to rename the WooCommerce Admin Menu in your WordPress website. You may be using a different theme or plugin that doesn’t fit with the default name of your dashboard, or you may want to change it for any other reason.

This article will show you how to rename the WooCommerce Admin Menu in WordPress and what steps you need to take when renaming your dashboard settings.

When you build your store using WooCommerce you want it to be perfect and you want to add the personal touch to it and re-brand it based on your own preferences.

In order to do that, you will need to change the logo, the icon and also be able to rename the WordPress admin menu from WooCommerce to whatever name you want to give to your store’s administration.

To do that, you will need to go in your WooCommerce theme’s functions.php file and add the following lines of code:

// Change Menu Name

add_action( 'admin_menu', 'websitesseller_rename_woo_menu', 999 );

function websitesseller_rename_woo_menu() 
    global $menu;

    // Locate the menu items you want to change
    $woo = the_array_search( 'WooCommerce', $menu );
    $products = the_array_search( 'Products', $menu );

    if( !$woo )

    // Replace with new values

    $menu[$woo][0] = 'Shop Settings';
    $menu[$products][0] = 'Items';

function the_array_search( $find, $items ) 
    foreach( $items as $key => $value ) 
        $current_key = $key;
            $find === $value 
            OR ( 
                is_array( $value )
                && the_array_search( $find, $value ) !== false 
            return $current_key;
    return false;

This code will rename the main “WooCommerce” menu into “Store Settings” and “Products” menu into “Items”.

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